As a Community Manager we are responsible for everything tactical related to Social Networks.


Main activities:

  • Create and customize social media accounts
  • Create and publish the content for the different channels of Social Networks
  • Create visibility growth strategies in Social Networks (followers, fans, etc)
  • Listen to what customers want to say to the company or the brand through Social Networks
  • Continuously monitor the reputation of the company or the brand in Social Networks
  • Execute reputation attack protocol

As Social Media Manager we are the strategist that defines the direction of the organization in Social Networks

These are our main activities:

  • Define the goals of Social Network indicators
  • Perform the analysis of Social Network metrics to create optimization and improvement strategies
  • RContinuously review the strategies in social networks of the competition and international benchmarks to establish good global practices that can be applied to the company
  • Evaluate the new Social Networks channels to identify which ones can be useful for the company’s strategy

Among the services we offer the following:

  • Link campaigns
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Sales of Products and services
  • Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Creation of Blogs
  • Website Design